Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Beginning!!!!...Part 2

seperti yg dijanjikan dari enrty sebelum nie[sini]...sebelum tu saya aku nak tegaskan bhw "the begining" adalah contribute dari entri "the paper king"...

oklah xnak ler intro panjang2...jom baca assingment aku nie yg telah selamat dihantar tgh hari tadi..alhamdulilllah dpt juga aku siapkan on time....hehehheh....

let's resume the report!!!!!!

From the above history, by just simply read we not that the king is not so kind, so actually what did the king do that make him invisible but still course a lot of problem, so here is the picture of this great king and also the trouble maker.

Now we know that money is the paper king, and is not invisible it already make a relationship with all of us, and also our best friend that stay in everyone pocket

For this report let just focus on blue line only that show the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). The DJIA was founded by Charles Dow on May 26, 1896, and represented the dollar average of 12 stocks from leading American industries and it also represent the world total loss. Actually what kind of ideology that the money applies to the world, at 1913 world started the reverse system?

At the first stage we the ideology of money being apply in world economic in 1910, after 10 year later the world start to achieve a great perform in economic sector. Unfortunately the ideology itself cause the 1930 great depression, between 1930 to 1940 there are very interesting even happen that also totally change the world economic but we just do not have a change to put in this report.

Lets skip all the interesting even that happen in 1930 to 1970, like we mention early in 1971 the world are totally accepted the ideology of money by changing the world economic standard from gold standard to money standard which mean in order to save the world from economic crisis the government have to print more money.

No doubt that the reverse system manage to solve many economic problem, but the effect of the system is even worst after the crisis. By printing more money the world not just experience the higher inflation rate because of the money lost in value but also the deflation that more dangerous that inflation that we all already know.

Lastly, we wish to discuss more about this ideology, but for now let just take it lightly. According to the chart we also noticed that the 30 year period of time from 1971 to 2000 the world total loss have cover the total loss from 1910 t0 1970. Unfortunately it was getting even worse because base from our finding in great depression in 2008, the world total loss in hundred years is being already covered, in just 4 year period of time.

the end!!!!!

so...bila dah copy paste malas plk nak nak baik kata2 penutup..heheeh.../korang semua komen je laherk...peace....:))

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