Thursday, December 30, 2010


"My fear is that the rise in interest rates was to stop the speculation in China's real estate bubble. I thought the China real estate bubble would have burst by now, but I was early in my expectations. I could be wrong, but I think this rise in rates is bad news for the world economy. China has a serious inflation problem, which may turn into a financial crisis next year."

– Excerpt from Robert’s Conspiracy of the Rich bulletin.

"the reason U.S is such a rich country is because we can pay our debt & trade U.S dollar that we're printed. The country such CHINA & Argentina were allowed to have their currencies as the reverse currency of the world, they too would be rich. the danger of this all is that if the dollar loses too much credibility, country like CHINA may indeed choose to create a new reverse currency. IF THAT HAPPEN AMERICAN IS TOAST".

- note from Robert's conspiracy of the rich book.

Because of today is the new year celebration of 2011, this two article were attract me to the problem that we have to face in 2011, the biggest economy crisis, the different between these coming economy crisis and the crisis that already happen is MAYBE the money lost it's credibility. I cannot imagine when thing that very important to everyone today will lose it value and this will be this worst disaster of the world (tsuMONEY) that infected the mankind. maybe this article are not focusing in our country crisis (Malaysian), but for me "what ever happen to the world is happen to us"

I wish I can write more about my opinion, but it better if someone who willing to read this asking a question and comment at my page so we can share an opinion, because “sometimes discuss is better than explain”.

What ever happen in 2011 it just a prediction, the true story is will begin today. Life still must go on, and HAPPY YEAR……….; )

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